ADN4654 power consumption


In the ADN4654 data sheet, on page 3, there is a 80mA (max) supply current specification.

I'm not sure if this value is defined for each of the isolated power domains or if it is a total current consumption of the device. 

In the first case the device power compsumption is 2*80mA*2.5V =  400mW and I gess that nearly a half o this power is consumed by each of the power paths.

In the second case, the power consumption is reduced to a one half of the case above. 

We are involved in a design wich will use many (as much as 16) ADN4654 devices, so it is important to know precisely the power compsumption of each of the power domanis (even more important in the case of the secondary isolated power domain).

Could you clarify this issue?

Thanks in advance. 

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