Driving gate driver ADuM4223ARWZ using single PWM

Hello RSchnell,

I am using the gate driver ADuM4223ARWZ for ongoing applications.

Kindly refer to my previous thread where we had discussed many technical issues.

Now, I have come up with a new requirement to drive TWO no of MOSFETs(P/N : VS-FC220SA20) using single PWM,as shown in the below image.


Before proceeding,I just want to confirm whether it is recommended to drive Two different MOSFETs with single PWM using Boot strapped gate driver ADuM4223.

The source connections for both the MOSFETs are common.I need to drive both the MOSFETs simultaneously with single PWM.

Will there be any issues while driving such SOT 227 Die package MOSFETs?

Kindly provide your suggestions.


Ramesh P

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