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ADM3065E Receiver Pin Spec.

Dear All:

ADM3065E is 3.0V to 5V working voltage IC ,but receiver Logic output pin not define this max voltage , If IC working voltage is 3.3V is pin max voltage is 3.3V either meet  standard EIA-485 Spec. 5V?? have any information to me refer. ??

EIA-485 Spec.


  • Hello Jacky, 

    The maximum output voltage of the RO receiver output logic pin will exceed the supply voltage VCC. If the supply voltage is 3.3V, then the maximum output high voltage on the RO pin is 3.3V. 

    This is not specified in the EIA-485 specification. The RS-485 specification specifies the performance of the RS-485 driver (on the bus side A and B pins), and the RS-485 receiver inputs (pins A and B) only. The ADM3065E is half duplex so the RS-485 driver and receiver share the same pins. 

    The ADM3065E is fully compliant to the EIA-485 standard, when VCC is powered with 3.3V or 5V. When 3.3V powered, the ADM3065E logic inputs and outputs should be connected to a microcontroller or other logic device which is also powered from 3.3V