soft start with ADuM3190 & difference between EAOUT & EAOUT2 transient performance

I am using the ADuM3190 in a DC-DC converter as isolation errror ampliifer.

How can i achieve soft-start using the EAOUT pin of the ADuM3190? I tired using RC at the +IN pin. But until the VDD2 reaches 3V the output is oscillating and sometimes shooting up.

If i use EAOUT2 pin, the soft-start of the PWM IC is working, but from 3V until whic point there is no soft-start. 

How can i achieve soft-start from 0V to the full output voltage. 

Why is the performance different for the two outputs?

The load & input transient performance for the two outputs is also different with the same compensation circuit.

How can i achieve the soft-start without affecting stability?

Or would you recommend any other equivalent IC which will provide this function?