ADUM141E1WBRWZ-RL Rated Dielectric Insulation Voltage


The requirement of Rated Dielectric Insulation Voltage for isolator from car OEM is about 4100VDC, but the datasheet of ADUM141E1WBRWZ-RL just provide the 3750VRMS.

Do you think ADUM141E1WBRWZ-RL can meet the 4100VDC requirement in 1-minute duration?


  • Hello TKS,

    The short answer is yes.

    The long explanation is that Working voltages depend on average voltage over long periods of time so ratings for DC and ACrms are applicable.  The withstand is a transient rating to check internal breakdown and package clearance.  So withstand is a rating that depends on Peak voltages for AC or DC.  The peak voltage of the 3750Vrms part is 5303Vpeak.  So we are covered for the clearance.  The internal insulation is the same as we use for our 5700Vrms withstand rated parts, and DC is less damaging to insulation than AC, so again you are covered.

    I would say there is no risk in using this part with a 4100V dc test.

    Best Regards,

    Mark Cantrell