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2 or 4 channel transceiver with isolation supply

Dear sir,

Presently i am using the RS422/RS485 Transceiver  ADM2490 from your products.

It is good product, so related to this i want 4channel transceiver or 2 channel receiver with isolation supply

  • Hi Sandeep, 

    Thank you for your query, 

    At present we have no 2 or 4 channel isolated RS-422/RS-485 transceivers available in a single IC. 

    You can create one of these using a combination of 2 or more ICs. 

    For the case of two isolated RS-422/RS-485 receivers, you could check out our preliminary ADM2867E device which is now available for sampling: This device has an integrated isolated DC-DC converter which can power the isolated side of both devices. 

    One ADM2867E device + one ADM2490E device may be used as your two RS-422/RS-485 receivers. The ADM2867E isolated DC-to-DC converter provides sufficient current to power both the ADM2867E device and the ADM2490E device, provided both devices are in receive mode only. To do this, connect the ADM2867E VISOOUT pin 25 to the VISOIN pin of the ADM2867E (pin 23) and to the VDD2 pin of the ADM2490E (pin 16).

    Could you provide mode details on the 4 channel isolated transceiver you need? Do all channels need to transmit, receiver or both? Do you need half or full duplex? What data rate do these devices need to operate? Based on this I can recommend a solution.