ADUM4190 Input voltage range


Could you teach me about the input voltage range of ADUM4190 ?

I can not find the description of input voltage range in the datasheet. 

I thought that input voltage range of ADUM4190 means input common mode  range (0.35V~1.5V)  desiceibed in the datasheet .

But   High Output Voltage EAOUT (GAIN 1) is minimum 2.4V.

Is the maximum input voltage of ADUM4190 2.4V ?



  • Terumasa-san:

    The specified input voltage range is the input common-mode range of 0.35V min to 1.5V max.

    The specified EAOUT voltage range in 0.4V min to 2.4V max.

    These are the ranges we use for the specified performance.

    Note, the datasheet specifies an output gain can be other than 1, and also a specified output offset voltage, therefore the input voltage and the EAout output voltage can be different.

    Regards, Brian