LTC4331 Eval board about REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT


I would like to use LTC4331.

So, I have a question. Please help me.


I am trying to experiment with the LTC4331 evaluation board.
“REMOTE DEMO CIRCUIT” in Figure 1 of the user guide, but no information is written anywhere.

Is it a board that has a model number and can be purchased?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 15, 2019 2:57 PM

    Hi Naohisa, 

    The LTC4331 pair forms an I2C link. The DC2754A has a pair of the LTC4331 devices on it (Actually it has two if you want to create two links!). Snap the DC2754A in half along the v-grove and you can use the length of cable that is appropriate for the application.

    The DC2754A does have the Linduino QuickEval connector. That "Remote Demo Circuit" is an example of an I2C device with a QuickEval connector, but you don't need that board to try out the LTC4331. Why not use the I2C slave of interest for the application? :) If the I2C slave of interest doesn't have the QuickEval connector on it, the DC2754A have a 2x8 100mil header with all the needed signals available.