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ADM3053 baud rate problem

The ADM3053 is compliant with ISO11898. Whether its baud rate range is 150kbps-1Mkbps, the minimum baud rate is 150kbps. Can you have a lower baud rate?

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  • Hi lijie, 

    I would expect the protection components would not interfere with communication. But this list of protection components form the LTC2875 datasheet have not been tested with the ADM3053 transceiver. The two transceivers are different, and these components may or may not be effective at protecting the ADM3053 transceiver. The combination of components would need to be proven out. 

    The LTC2875 transceiver is available as an integrated isolated signal and power solution though. The LTM2889 has the LTC2875 transceiver integrated.     



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