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ADUM2250 VDE 0884-10 Safety Limiting Values

I am currently designing a product which will use the ADUM2250 to isolate across Live 230Vac mains and will need to comply with EN60065 as a Class1 product

I am trying to asses what I need to do about the safety limiting vaues and it seems confusing, starting with the values

1. The datasheet table6 says "supply current, IDD1 + IDD2, 550mA" but the graph plot says Idd1 only.

2. Your VDE document (VDE-0884-10-2019-3-19.pdf) says Max input current 265mA, and max output power dissipation 900mW.

Values aside, it seems to me that I have to put a resistor in series with the VDD1 and VDD2 pins to limit the current. (with a suitable bypass capacitor of course)

Lets say that I think I need 100R and the Vdd is 5V. That means I may have onltl 4.5V on the IC. I know that it works fine to 3V.

However, the pull-ups may be pulling to 5V. What are the consequences of pulling the I2C pins higher than the Vdd?



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