(ADuM3190)Open short test

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I have some question about ADuM3190

Our customer are using ADuM3190 for automotive application.

They perform all pin open short tests during acceptance testing.



I recognize that the power supply of VREF is supplied from VREG inside the device on both the primary side and the secondary side, right?


Our customer test "Open short test" at 1V.

And they set the limit value between 20 and 50uA.

Also they do this test at -40deg and 25deg and 125deg.

Would this limit make sense?

Or should they set higher  limit value?


Because I heard that we can input to 1mA.


What is the voltage range where the circuit downstream of Vreg starts operating (current consumption increases)?


Do you have distribution data of Vreg applied voltage-Vreg injection current characteristics around 0-1.5V?


Is it possible to disclose the voltage condition and current limit value of the pin open short test that ADI conducts at the final shipment inspection?

They need -40deg, 25deg, 125deg informations.


We already know that some pins have ESD diode to each VREG.

When our customer check some pins(e.x. VREF1/2, Eaout, IN+, IN-, COMP) some device result are little bit high.

We speculate that the current is flowing through the protective diode and that the device is moving a little.

Most devices fall within their specifications (2-50uA), but about 0.3% shows results exceeding 100uA.

So they want to know what they are doing is correct or not.

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