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ADuM1200 drive MMBF170L mosfet


My original designing use 5V optocoupler to finish the isolation function, optocoupler output drive the MMBF170L mosfet at ON or OFF state with very low frequency.

Now, I feeling ADuM1200 chip also can finish the same function, the better thing is this way need less current than optocoupler.

Due to I never use ADuM1200 chip to drive the MOSFET, I have a little bit worry about whether it can work well.

Could you helps to take a look it, whether it is a normal usage without risk.


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  • You might also consider the ADuM1240/45 since the switching frequency is low. These micropower isolators have longer prop delay and a more restricted power supply range, but static power dissipation can be as low as a few µA. The ADuM1240 has a default high output state when the input supply is disabled, while the ADuM1245 is default low.

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