(ADuM142E1)Does the oscillator stop completely?

Hi !

I want to ask some things ASAP.

Our customer made their PCB.

Their application is automotive.

They are doing some kind of measure for EMI and found that Noise occurs every 2 MHz in the 500 MHz band.

After that they change their iCoupler to other on.(I think they change to TI parts)

After that they didn't find that kind of noise.

I think this happen because of the supply current of ADUM14x.

ADuM14x has higher supply current than competitor.


Is this possible due to ICOUPLER?

I heard that iCoupler frequency inside is 700MHz and using spread spectrum so iCoupler is not the reason for this noise.


If we input to ADuM142E1 only High, would the oscillator stop completely?

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