FIDO2100 configuration port, and sofware stack


I have a customer there wants to use the FIDO20100 for the Ethernet switch with DLR functionality.Here is his question below about the configuration port and software stack. I believe this product is mature enough that it should be ready to use and not need tweaks? I advised him to request access to developer portal. See his full question below:

"I want to use an Ethernet switch with DLR capability and looks like FIDO2100 from ADI will work.  It has a parallel bus interface for configuration along with MII bus interface for data.  It appears that there is also a software stack available that is needed to use this device.  I wanted to know how frequently the host CPU uses the configuration port because I want to use it with an Intel CPU which exposes serial buses like USB, PCIe but not a single GPIO or any kind of parallel bus.  I was thinking maybe I can put a micro controller for parallel interface and configure the FIDO2100 on power up but if the software stack, which will run in the host Intel processor, needs to access the configuration port then I am stuck.

Also, how mature is the software stack, meaning, is it ready to use or is the expectation that the user will have to tweak it for their need?"

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