Overshoot at rising edge of ADUM 6028

Hi, I would like to use ADuM6028.

So, I have a question. Please help me.


Please let us told about the overshoot at the rise of the ADUM 6028 output.

I made a board using ADuM6028 referring to the circuit and layout of the evaluation board.
The specifications are Vin = 5V, Vout = 5V, Iout = 13mA.

When the characteristics were confirmed, the overshoot at startup exceeded 6V.

There are the following characteristic graphs in D/S.
I think that it is one of the causes that the load is light, but I think that it is big to exceed 6V.

I did some experiments.
If the rise on the input voltage side is made slow (about 20 ms),
The overshoot could be made less than the D/S characteristics.

Are there any limitations, such as rise time, on the input voltage side?
Or is there a sequence of power supply to each pin?

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