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ADuM4150: Inconsistency in the clock and SDI outputs


I'm using ADuM4150  device for SPI communication on my multi-board unit.

The power supply are both 3.3V supplies. The SPI is running at 10MHz.

I'm observing a issue as some times the Isolator is providing proper clock output and some cycles of clock its not giving properly.

Also the data is not at all coming up(even though there is a pulse at the beginning of the data (mosi).

Can anyone please help me debug this issue.

I'm not understanding the cause for this behaviour.

Thanks & Regards,

Nanjunda M

  • Hi Nanjunda, 

    Can I understand that multi-board means there are several ADuM4150 devices sharing the same master side bus?

    Which clock output are you have difficulties, DCLK or SCLK?

    Scope shoots may be useful if possible! 



  • multi-board means

    Hi Jason,

    Multi-board means I have SPI master in one Board and its connected to the one more board which is having the slave device.

    The ADUM4150 is present on the slave board. And we did not have any issue with the clocks, we had only issue with MOSI.

    But the issue is resolved now. The issue was the signal levels were 1.8V instead of 3.3V (the FPGA(master) SPIs were not programmed with 3.3V instead were programmed with 1.8V).

    Thanks for the late support.


    Nanjunda M