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ADUM3070 simulation tool


Are there ways to function confirmation  before use  in ADUM3070?

(Are there any evaluation tool or any ways?)

In below url , ADUM3070 don't have LTSPICE.

Best regards 

Thank you very much

  • Jma: It is true there is no tool for simulation of the ADuM3070 operation.  We do have an evaluation board and user guide, and I recommend you order one and test it out on your bench to see the performance of the ADuM3070.  The user guide explains how to use it and to change the output setting for different configurations. Also, the Applications section of the ADuM3070 datasheet explains in detail how to design with the recommended transformers, schottky diodes and inductors. 

    Is there and application you want to use that you could describe and show a circuit or block diagram, with details like input and output voltages and load currents?

    Regards, Brian