ADUM6410BRSZ Power Consumption???


I am looking to run this device with 3.3V for power supplies on both sides. The ISO supply will only power the output buffers inside the device.

I will be using 3 of the channels to transmit signals at the following frequencies:

  • 12.288MHz -- 50% Duty Cycle
  • 192kHz -- 50% Dudy Cycle
  • 12.288Mhz -- varying duty cycle.

How do I calcualte how much current the ADUM6410BRSZ device will consume from the input 3.3V supply?



  • Leo:  Using figure 20 at 25Mbps (about 12.288MHzx2) IDD2 = 1.5mAx2 channels + ).5mA @ 0.4Mbps (200kHz) = 3.5mA

    For IDDP = IDD2/(0.27=27% effic) = 3.5/0.27 = 13mA

    Using Figure 18, IDD1 = 2mA/ch @ 25Mbps*2 chan = 4mA and at 0.4Mbps = 1.8mA, Idd1 total = 5.8mA

    Using Figure 8, IDDP (no load) = 6mA

    IDD1 + IDDP = 13mA + 6mA + 5.8mA = 24.8mA, about 25mA for the input 3.3V supply.

    Regards, Brian