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With regards to ADN4690 IBIS Simulation Result


Our customer claims that the Simulation result of ADN4690EBRZRL7, seems to be sort of different then expected .


Tr and Tf time are different and there by pch and nch cross-point have a offset of 0.2V .

Is this expected behavior of the present IBIS Model .

Thanking you 

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  • Hi,

    Our IBIS model will provide a simulation of typical behavior of ADN4690E, but the exact behavior will vary from part to part. Tr and Tf can vary and the crossover point for A, B can vary slightly (we only specify tr and tf for the differential rise/fall, not single-ended for each A, B).

    An illustration is available by comparing the typical eye diagram in ADN4690E datasheet (happens to show very little skew between A and B rise/fall), with the eye diagram for ADN4696E (some skew evident). Even for two ADN4690E units, some will have a cross-over more like the ADN4696E plot.