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Difference between ADUM1301 and ADUM1311 - Pinout same?


I believe the main differences  are speed and, resulted from that, power. 
ADUM1301 is up to 90Mbps, whereas ADUM1311 is up to 10Mbps.

Are there any other significant differences?
The pin out is the same so far seen.

That means new parts like ADUM131E1 will be also compatible with ADUM1311.

  • hi hunl:

    They have different enable control function and logic.   another difference is the fail-safe logic, ADuM1311's logic is defined by the voltage level on CTRL pin. while ADuM130x is fixed "H". Please refer to the truth table for more details.

    it is complicated to find the p2p compatible part for ADuM1311, because its pin 10 could be connected to high(open) or low. If it is pull down to GND, then ADuM131D0 could be the replacement.