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ADUM4190 design question

Hi Sir,

I have question regarding to ADUM4190.

There is two schematic by ADUM4190 and use 5V with VCC_P and P+5V.

Up one of schematic use OPA in ADUM4190 as voltage follower, Can I supply 3.3V to Gen_V for +IN than get output 3.3V from EAout?

Below one of schematic, can I use the OPA in ADUM4190 be Gain = 11 function? if so, what maximum Gain limit is for the OPA in ADUM4190? 


  • Joe: The ADuM4190 when used as designed in the target application of isolated feedback in a closed loop with high gain in an isolated power supply, has a small error of +/-1%. Your applications do not have a closed loop, so the ADuM4190 has significant errors specified in the datasheet spec table: output offset of +/-0.4V and output gain of +/-17%.  In addition, the input voltage range is 0.35V to 1.5V, which means it will not operate at 0V input.

    As far as using the ADuM4190 for a gain of 11, for an input of 0V to 0.3V, as stated above, the datasheet specs limit the input voltage range from 0.35V to 1.5V.

    Regards, Brian

  • Today, I had the same problem.I read your reply, but I still don't understand.What I want to ask is,how to use ADUM4190 as voltage follower?how to design the circuit?Looking forward to your reply.

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