ADM2587E Protect Function and Safety

Do ADM2587E meet IEC 61000 safety as below?

Or else Parts can meet same test standard level?

What does ±15 kV ESD Protection in ADM2587E mean?

HBM or Air?

  • Hi Snow,

    The ADM2587E only has 15 kV HBM ESD protection on the Bus pins. It does not have IEC61000-4 levels of transient protection. In order to achieve some of the specs above it would require the use of external protection components. Please see For this you will need two TVS for the transmit and receive. It would be beneficial to put a 10 Ohm pulse proof resistor in series between the Bus pin and TVS on each line to ensure coordination between the turn on of the TVS and the ADM2587E.

    Another possibility is to use the ADM2795E and the ADuM5020. This will provide excellent EMC immunity, (the part is only classified for 2KV EFT with a twisted pair, you may be using a different cable, the performance is very dependent to the cable used)