CrossCode for FIDO1100? What to use? Alternative to FIDO1100?


What tool chain is required to program a FIDO1100 chip? I didn't see an option to choose fido1100 in CrossCode. Is there another environment to use for it?

The goal is to control the FIDO5100 chip, and the examples show the FIDO1100 for this purpose. But I don't see how to program it, although the are .elf files in the Innovasics Developer portal to test the Rapid platform. 

Is it possible to use a different chip instead of the Fido1100? I'd prefer to use a STM32F4 MCU, using there the provided drivers in innovasic's developer portal. I assume that the mappings have to change etc, but in general the drivers there are meant to read/write from/to FIDO5100 switch?

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