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can ADuM5230 be used to drive IGBT FS450R12OE4 ?


  I  want to use ADUM5230 IN  AC inverter for motor driving. Power stage is IGBT FS450R12OE4. QG=3.30uC @VGE=-15V…+15V,Cies=28.0nF,Cres=1.55nF, f=10kHz。

RGint=1.7Ω  IC nom = 450A。

  My question is : use the buffer configuration in Figure 25 in datasheet to drive this IGBT, is there anything wrong?

  • Hello Chenmj,

    As Brian has pointed out, the output voltage swing requirements for your system make the ADuM5230 not a suitable match. Also, let's estimate the power required to operate the gate drive. using total gate charge, we can calculate:

    Gate driver power = Q * V * Fs = 3.3 µC * 30 V * 10 kHz = 0.99 W

    This is also too much for the ADuM5230 to handle. The ADuM4135 or ADuM4136 are better fits for large IGBT modules like the FS450R12OE4. If you don't need desaturation protection, you could use the ADuM4120 or ADuM4121. All four of these need to be powered on the secondary side, so you don't have the self-powering that the ADuM5230 would have had.


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