ADuM4136 /FAULT and READY states


I'm designing a motor driver using the ADuM4136.

From the datasheet Table 9, I've noticed that there are some conditions under which the READY and /FAULT pins have "UNKNOWN" states.

Can you explain this a bit more?  For instance, if power is not applied to VDD2, READY will be low, and /FAULT is UNKNOWN.

Will /FAULT maintain its last state?  Will it randomly toggle between states?

Likewise, if /FAULT is asserted during normal operation (goes low), READY has an "UNKNOWN" state listed.

If I read back LOW on both /FAULT on and READY, how can I determine if I am undervoltage/overtemperature OR have a DESAT condition?

Apologies if I am not thinking about this correctly or if it is answered elsewhere.

Thanks in advance,