(ADuM4121)How fast can ADuM4121 detect mirror Clamp?

Hi !

I was reading ADuM4121 datasheet.

I understood that ADuM4121 can detect mirror clamp at 2V.

So my questions are these.


Is it possible to change threshold voltage?

I think for GaN, 2V is too high.


If the Vclamp goes lower than 2V, how fast can ADuM4121 shutdown the gate.

I want to know the device delay.

Best regards


  • Hello Kawa,

    1) The Miller Clamp on the ADuM4121 is set to 2 V typical, and cannot be changed without a silicon revision.

    2) On the falling edge of the gate drive, once the output voltage has fallen below the Miller Clamp threshold (1.75 V min, 2.25 V max), there is an approximately 45 ns delay before the internal Miller Clamp turns on. This value is not production tested, so I can quote you a min and max, unfortunately.


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