RE: LTC4331 Eval Board

Hi Jason,

currently i am using LTC4331 IC for temperature Measurement in system but the I2C is not communicating....if sensor direly connecting to system is working fine through I2C is not working...if have a Evaluation Document in LTC4331 is very helpful.



  • Hi Saravana,

    The first thing to check is that your master supports I2C clock stretching. The LTC4331 will need to use clock stretching to accommodate for the propagation delay from long cables between the local and remote LTC4331.

    Use the local LTC4331 RDY_n and LINK_n pins. RDY_n will pull low when the local I2C device is online, LINK_n will pull low when the communications link to the remote LTC4331 is established. 

    Are those pins low and the master good to support clock stretching?