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LTC4303: ESD diode configuration


I have a question regarding the ESD diodes configuration of the LTC4303.

I plan to use this component to isolate an I2C device from the main I2C bus (which has other slaves). In order to save energy in my system, the power supply of this I2C device will be cut off from time to time. The LTC4303 being connected to the same VDD, its power supply will also be cut off. However, the SDA/SCL lines will still be connected to the main I2C bus. The image below shows the configuration.

Generally, devices have ESD diodes between input pins and GND/VDD. Does the LTC4303 have also such diodes ?

  • If yes, it means that when the LTC4303 isn't powered, it will pull down the SDAIN/SCLIN lines through ESD diodes and it will kill the I2C bus.
  • If no, this circuit will work :-)

Thank you for your help,

Second correction.
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