LTC4316 and LTC1760 compatibility


I am trying to use two of your products together, but it seems that they are incompatible, since I cannot get a correct value from the register that is supposed to be "reliable" (register 0x3c from the LTC1760).

I performed these readings with an Arduino and with an ATMega328P, which is the microprocessor that I want to use in the final configuration.

The circuits that I am using are the ones from both datasheets, but I'm going to describe the connections in the LTC4316 anyway:

-> Connection between pins 18 and 22 from the 1760 to pins 9 and 8 from the 4316;

-> Pullup resistors in both input and output of the 4316 of 10k ohm;

-> Supply voltage of 3.3V and 5V (don't make a difference);

-> Enable pin (4316) connected to the power supply;

-> 4 resistors connected to XORL and XORH pins of the 4316;

Tests already performed:

-> Using pull up resistors with lower values (2k2, 4k7);

-> Using pull up resistors only in the SCLOUT and SDAOUT of the 4316, and connect pull up resistors to the microprocessor;

I have already check the SDA and SCL signals on the oscilloscope and the original signals are correct (LTC1760 only), but when they are passed through the LTC4316, there are spikes in the SDA signal as well as SCL drops sometimes, to a lower voltage.

Also, these tests are being performed to parallel several of these sets (LTC4316+LTC1760). When I connect more than one, the addresses start to be recognized only intermittently and sometimes the I2C bus even crashes, failing to recognize any address.

Do you know what can be causing this?

Thank you very much.