Is ADuM4135 suitable for high voltage SiC application? Do you have some suggestion?

ADuM4135's datasheet shows the good performance of this advanced gate driver IC and we are interested in applying it into SiC PV inverter with high bus voltage and an aggressive switching frequency (which means the CM noise will be an issue). The confusion is that some users show that ADuM4135 will falsely enter into desat protection, which becomes our concern. So could you please give us some suggestions when using ADuM4135 at HV application with high CM noise. And if you would explain why previous users meet the falsely desat protection (even if the desat pin is directly connected into 0V), we will know more about real ADuM4135's condition. 

We would be very appreciated for you reply.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 18, 2018 11:09 PM over 1 year ago



    The ADuM4135 does have good performance, but we have come across cases where short bursts of RF can upset the DESAT operation of the parts causing a premature fault to register. We are working on addressing the issue. We should have an update on the fix in late January. In the meantime, the ADuM4136 is not susceptible to the same RF bursts. A fix was able to be added to the ADuM4136 before it released. The ADuM4136 is similar to the ADuM4135, except it does not have the internal Miller clamp.


    Right now, certain things should be avoided with the ADuM4135:


    1) Locating the ADuM4135 near hot switching relays that may arc during contact

    2) Common mode transients that exceed the datasheet limits of 100 kV/µs


    Sorry for the inconvenience,



  • Many thanks for your detailed information and we are very appreciated. However I noticed that ADuM4136 does not have the separate source and sink path expect the absence of active miller clamp function, which is bad for our project. One question is that when will the AduM4135 be updated? we are looking forward to the new release and new performance.

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