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ADuM1441 Digital Isolators without enable feature and low cost


we have chosen AD7124-4 A/D chip for four channel Analog input (4 to 20mA) application and chosen ADuM1441ARQZ SPI Isolator for isolating MCU.

ADuM1441ARQZ chip have 16pin with enable feature. But our application enable feature not require, So I can get 12 pin chip and size will reduce.

Please suggest suitable digital Isolator without enable feature and supporting AD7124-4 A/D chip.

Thank you,


  • Hello Rajan,

    Isolation ratings depend on the packaging and materials used.  It is significant effort to bring out new packages, so we minimize package variants in this line.  We currently do not have a qualified 12 lead QSOP, and the internal die may not fit in a smaller package in any case.  The 16 lead  is the smallest footprint we offer.

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  • Hi MSCantrell,

    Thank you for your support

    Can we use ADuM1441ARQZ IC for SPI communication Isolation? (CLK, MISO, MOSI & Chip select). Instead of specified SPI Isolator like ADUM315x series.?

    ADuM1441ARQZ datasheet mentioned Isolation = "3750V rms for 1 minute per UL 1577 SSOP package" and 2Mbps.

    ADuM1441ARQZ cost also less compare to ADUM315 series.

    Please provide your suggestion

    Thank You,