ADUM3190 Non linearity issue

Hi sir,

we are using ADUM3190 isolated amplifier for our Vibration sensing project. but we are facing issue with non linearity.

Our isolated Supply voltage is 3.3Vdc

 input Voltage   is vary from 0 to 3Vac.

please help me out from this issue.

iam attaching circuit configuration

  • The ADum3190 when used in the target application as an isolated error amplifier with high gain to close the loop in an isolated feedback in an isolated dc to dc circuit, can meet the 1% datasheet accuracy spec. But in other applications if the ADuM3190 amplifier is not used in a high gain application, the ADuM3190 has the EAout errors specified of output gain of +/-10%, offset of +/- 0.2V.  These errors can be the case in your application, you would need to first account for the +/-10% output gain error and and +/-0.2V offset errors, then the linearity should meet +/-1%.

    Regards, Brian