ADuM4135 not give an output


I have designed in ADuM4135 for a double pulse test (DPT). The circuit works fine but after some power turn on and off event the Vout_on don't show any output signal. 

I have attached the schematic file for the driver circuit designed for the DPT. 


I have used the R15P22005D IC which generates +20/-5V for VDD2 and VSS2. I have not attached the power circuit board which contains the MOSFET modules.

I have designed the new board and just soldered the R15P22005D, ADuM4135 IC and some filter capacitors with following configurations below

1. VDD1 = 3.3V

2. VIN+ = 3.3V from DSP controller output

3. VIN- = GND

4. Pin 4 and Pin 5 pull up by using 10k resistor

5. Pin 6 = 3.3V

on the secondary side DESAT and GND2 is connected together.

6.  Pin 9 and Pin 16 = -5V

7. Pin 13 = 20V

The circuit works fine before with circuit configurations attached with but suddenly its stops working and than I used the new board with new ADuM4135 IC but still there is no output shown at pin 14.

Hope anyone help me in this matter.