ADuM4135 not give an output


I have designed in ADuM4135 for a double pulse test (DPT). The circuit works fine but after some power turn on and off event the Vout_on don't show any output signal. 

I have attached the schematic file for the driver circuit designed for the DPT. 


I have used the R15P22005D IC which generates +20/-5V for VDD2 and VSS2. I have not attached the power circuit board which contains the MOSFET modules.

I have designed the new board and just soldered the R15P22005D, ADuM4135 IC and some filter capacitors with following configurations below

1. VDD1 = 3.3V

2. VIN+ = 3.3V from DSP controller output

3. VIN- = GND

4. Pin 4 and Pin 5 pull up by using 10k resistor

5. Pin 6 = 3.3V

on the secondary side DESAT and GND2 is connected together.

6.  Pin 9 and Pin 16 = -5V

7. Pin 13 = 20V

The circuit works fine before with circuit configurations attached with but suddenly its stops working and than I used the new board with new ADuM4135 IC but still there is no output shown at pin 14.

Hope anyone help me in this matter.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 28, 2018 4:40 PM


    Do you know what states the READY, nFAULT, and nRESET pines are in during operation? I don't see anything wrong with your schematic. If you are able to measure the DESAT pin, how close is the DESAT pin to 9V during the MOSFET on time?

    One thing to note is the ADuM4135 does have a powerful output driver. You might be able to operate this circuit without the booster stage. Are you using the booster stage for a specific purpose? The output drive strength of the booster stage and the ADuM4135 in this schematic will roughly be the same, since 10 Ω resistors are used on both outputs.

    Any waveform captures would be helpful.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. Actually to figure out the problem I have developed the new board with same schematic design which I have attached before.

    Driver Schematic.pdf

    But this time to verify about ADuM4135 IC fn. that whether it is working fine or not I have only attached the few component shown in the schematic attached but still there is no output. About ready, fault and  reset pin every pin is working fine i.e 3.3V on each pin. I didn't attached anything resistor at the output pin i.e 12 and 14 so is this the correct configuration. I think this is very simple configuration which is used to just check the output of the IC but still no output. The desaturation pin is also attached with GND2 (pin 11). But no result shown at pin 14. Pin 12 shows -5V which is correct but high logic (pin 14) has zero output.

    Pin 2 = 3.3V (constant volt)

    Pin 3 = GND1

    Both logics are provided from DSP. One person suggested me that I may destroy the IC during soldering process as this IC is very sensitive. So can it be possible?

    Hope you understand my points.


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