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ADUM6403 output issue

I come back from this discussion: 

We send 2 components which have the output issue and we receive the failure analysis report (number185019).

In the report, we do not understand some results. In the failure report, in section 7, we have the following table:

Serial Number           Viso Setpoint

Good                                 3.3V

Reject                                3.3V

Expected output                3.3V

Is there someone can explain why all three values are identicals?



  • Sebastien:

    The table 1 summary of bench test results using our evaluation board shows the measured Viso setpoint was 3.3V for the Good unit tested, 3.3V for the reject unit (your unit), and the expected output is 3.3V.  This means for the bench test evaluation board circuit your part tests good. There may be some difference in the circuit that you have used this part in as compared to the standard evaluation board. We need to evaluate your circuit for the ADuM6403.

    Can you send your schematic, including the reference numbers and capacitor values on the VDD1 & VDDL pins, the VISO pins, and the connections and component values on any pins that connect to the ADuM6403?  Also, can you send images of the PC board layout showing all the layers used with the ADuM6403 connections and reference and component values?

    Also, can you send me a ADuM6403 that you have seen with this problem?  I can exchange email and shipping address.

    Regards, Brian

  • Hi Brian,

    Sorry for this delay, here your schematic:

    It is also possible to send you a board with the ADUM.

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