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I have a question about ADuM5412. What are electrical specifications (Vih, Vil, input current, any pull-up or pull-down) for PDIS input pin? I just don't understand if PDIS input powered from VDD1 or VDDP.

  • Anton: The  electrical specs (Vih, Vil, input current) for PDIS are in the DC electrical specs table 6 shown below.  The PDIS has a pull-down internally, but a pull up or pull down resistor would be good if in an electrically noisy environment.  PDIS is normally powered from VDDP, which for most applications VDD1 is connected to VDDP.

    Regards, Brian

  • I don't understand. Table 6 shows that Vih = 0.7 * VDD1 and you say that "PDIS is normally powered from VDDP". What do you mean "normally powered"? VDD1 is independent of VDDP and operates between 1.7 V and 5.5 V. That is I can connect VDDP to 5V and VDD1 to any voltage from (1.7...5.5)V. Is that correct?

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