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I am puzzled.

Fig 1 of the datasheet suggest there are 2 bi-directional channels and two one-way channels.

Table 23 shows 4 on-way channels; 3 from left to right, 1 from right to left.

Which ones are bidirectional, which ones are uni directional?


  • Hello Joost,

    The ADuM144x has no bidirectional channels.  All channels have fixed direction.  There are different combinations of direction so that you can choose the one that works with your design.  For example the ADuM1441 has three channels that go from side 1 to side 2, and one that goes from side 2 to side 1.  If you need the opposite combination, you can flip the chip around.  So three directional combinations covers all possibilities.  The ones that look like bidirectional are just the ones that have different values depending on the part number.

    Best Regards,