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I bought an eval board EV-RPG2-en2. I set up the device per figure 98 on ADIN2299  REFERENCE MANUAL. However, I got the following output while running the ni-examle-app.exe. Please help me figure out what is missing for my operation procedure.

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capture of the output

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  • Hi Max,

    I have created a module in SSD that corrects this issue, It is basically a 6.0.3 release that fixes the issue you are seeing.

    Please send me a message with your email and I will open up the SSD module so you can continue evaluating our product.

    To anyone else on this thread who wishes to solve this problem and does not have a visual studio license. Please send me a message with your email and I will add you to the SSD module as well.

  • Dear DET_CStelmar,

    Thank you for fixing this issue. We switched this product to the AD's Fido5100 chip and will write the driver to interface to our EIP software instead. I do not have the time and urgency to keep trying this evaluation board anymore. I will do it later if necessary!