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Industrial Ethernet Switches



I have been reading through the forums regarding getting information regarding the RapID platform and the fido5100/5200.

Two questions/discussion points come to mind.

1. What are the types of designs that can be done for Industrial Ethernet?

2. I see many references throughout the Engineer Zone Forum to the Developer Portal.

a. What is the Developer Portal?
b. What is stored in the Developer Portal?
c. How can I access the Developer Portal/Sign Up?


Prithvi Raj Mamidala

  • Hi Naga,

    This is an excellent question.

    1. The Developer Portal is a section of myAnalog that contains software and documentation
    for all things related to the RapID solutions and the fido5100/5200.

    2. All technical information and documentation for the RapID platform is stored in the
    Portal. A user should register and gain access as a first step for any questions that
    may come up.

    3. First you need a myAnalog account. Once you have myAnalog account you would need to do the following:

    * Go to the Analog Devices<>
    * Click on the MYANALOG<> tab. Login with
    your credentials.
    * Click on the myAnalog Dashboard<> tab.
    * Scroll down to the Special Resources section and click Developer