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SHARC and Profinet communication

How can embedded system based on ADSP213xx (SHARC) can communicate via Profinet?I have designed a Power Transducer Module using such a SHARC DSP and now the customer requires to add the Profinet communication channel (instead of the original serial, RS232 communication). My question is, what other H/W and F/W resources have to be added to the design. If none of the SHARC DSP is "compatible" with the Profinet communication, which alternative Analog Devices processor has to be used? It has to have the digital signal processing capability (like MAC operations). 

  • I have found out that only processors with the system bus available out-of-chip can be used, as such a processor (host) has to communicate with a REM switch like Fido5100. So, I have picked up the ADSP-CM408F as a suitable host processor. Are there any documentation, application notes, etc.  for the H/W and F/W solution of such  ADSP-CM408F and FIDO5100 applications? Please, help me to find any information source which would help me.