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EVAL-RapID-TSNEK(TSN kit) Traffic Scheduling Error


I got EVAL-RapID-TSNEK(TSN kit)and test it by getting support from your Quick Start Menual.

But I had problem that I cannot connect to webserver( by ethernet port at switch board.

I recognize a reason that I scheduled only Queue 2 at port1, 2 when I test 802.1Qbv(Menu name at webserver : Network Schedule(802.1Qbv)).

So the switch don't receive any Best Effort and I can't connect to webserver by any ports.(port1, 2 at switch board with fido1100 are blocked.)

Could you let me know what I can do?

If any method has nothing, I'd like to do factory reset TSN gateway.

Thank you.

TSN kit
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