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Support needed for RAPID-NI-V2009


I am customer from China. We had purchased the RAPID-NI-V2009, based on which we are studying to integrate the Ethernet/IP capability into our product.

Currently we are facing some issue to bring the module to RUN state, even though we follow the quick-start guide.

We had tried to contact China local ADI support for a while (days) but there is no effective suggestion/solution can be proposed. 

So I had to post the request here to seek for more professional support.

Attached is the screenshot showing the module working with NI_TEST_IO.exe host program. Everything goes fine until it reaches the step of "Ethernet Link UP" event.

The module just stuck at PEND state and never move forward. By the quickstart guide, it should enter RUN state and report the basic info, IP, MAC, etc.

Could someone help to look into the issue and advise me?