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Support for RapID Platform

What type of support can I expect from ADI while I am incorporating the RapID Platform reference design into my product? 

  • Customers tell us our support and tools are better than anything they have used before! We are available from the time you start evaluating the RapID Platform all the way through certification of your device. Regardless of the question, we are a one-stop shop that gets you answers on anything related to the RapID Platform—from a detailed EtherNet/IP question to a low level firmware timing question—you get the answers to make your product a success. And our support doesn’t stop there. We continuously protect the RapID Platform from obsolescence, and we continuously maintain the protocol stacks. We also provide regular updates to the fido1100 firmware and software libraries. You won’t be left watching vendors pointing fingers at each other and making you figure out why their solution doesn’t work.

  • Hi,

    I'm planning to use RapID Platform in my products, but I found that the FIDO1100 is "Not recommended for new projects" and the FIDO5000 (that is used in the devkit) is not anymore available.

    Now I'm a bit confused: all the reference electrical schemas are useless beacause I have to buy FIDO5100 or FIDO5200 and also all the firmwares will not work.

      So, integrating the RapID Platform in my boards will not be easy if you don't upgrade all the schemas and all the firmware.

    Please let me know if ADI has planned to maintain this platform or not.

    Best regards

    Massimo Marolda

  • Hi Massimo,

    Can you please advise on your Industrial Ethernet protocol you are planning on using?


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