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Profibus interface & RapID Platform

I have a product already on the market with a Profibus interface. How easy will it be for me to use the RapID Platform to create a new product with a Profinet RT interface?

  • We have designed the RapID platform so that it is very easy to integrate. You probably already have a host processor in your product with application software interfacing to a Profibus chip. To convert this product to Profinet, all you need to do is remove the Profibus interface chips from the schematic and drop in the RapID Platform schematic, hooking it up to your host processor via a UART or memory bus. We provide the firmware, Profinet stack, and TCP/IP stack for the fido1100 chip that controls the network traffic. The only software you need to modify is the interface software on your host. We also give you sample code in “C” and an API layer that shows how to set up the Profinet device for communications and transferring data to and from the host. It’s as simple as that.