RapID Platform & reference design kit differences

What makes the RapIDTm Platform different from a reference design kit?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 11, 2019 4:03 PM

    Most reference designs on the market today are simply that—kits, In other words, there are a handful of items in a box and it is up to you to create something from these pieces. Often, the pieces in the kit come from different manufacturers, and there may be issues with getting them all to work well together. We have had customers tell us that it is very frustrating to purchase one of these kits, only then to be told that they have to get support for the various pieces from multiple manufacturers.

    In addition, many reference design kits give you pieces of the solution, but you have to spend many hours trying to understand those pieces, how they must be configured, and what you have to do to get them all to work together. This can be particularly frustrating with all of the various software items that are required for an Industrial Ethernet solution.

    The RapID Platform has been designed to eliminate these problems. Every part of the platform is supported directly by Analog. When integrating RapID Platform as a module or embedded design, minimal change to the host software is required to interface the host with the RapID Platform. But once this change is made, the host software never has to change again. We supply the communication software that will run unmodified directly on Analog’s fido1100 communications controller chip.