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Subsystem Link Status Invert Enable Register doesn't do what is in the description

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIN1300

Setting this Bit affects the behavior of the LED_0.

LED_0 will light all the time after setting it.

I'm using on my system these commands, all other changes work till this bit is written.

#set LED_0 only to Activity
phytool write envp0/0/0x001B 0x0401 #set Bit 10 of the 0x001B to 0b1
phytool write envp0/0/0x001C 0x0009 #set the four LSB of 0x001C to 0b1001  
#set blink timing to 32ms (the same as a Netgear-Switch)
phytool write envp0/0/0x001D 0x0355 #set bit 13:8 to 0x3  
#invert Link_ST Pin Logic
#This doesn't work it seems to affect the LED_0 Pin which is now permanetly on and not the Link_ST Pin which stays off
phytool write envp0/0/0xFF3C 0x0001

fixed code highlighting
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  • Hi Lukas,

    The PHY core registers at Address 0x00 to Address 0x01F can be accessed using the interface specified under Clause 22. The PHY core extended management interface (EMI) registers and subsystem registers can be accessed at Address 0x1E using the interface specified under Clause 45. However, for systems that do not support this interface, the registers at Address 0x1E can be accessed via Register 0x0010 and Register 0x0011 using Clause 22 access.

    Best Regards,