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ADIN1200 media converter RMII signal timing

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adin1200

Hey all,

i'm currently building a 10Base-Tx/10Base-T1S media converter with the ADIN1200 and the LAN8760 from Microchip.

I successfully created a Link from other devices to the Phy. Now i'm struggeling with the Phy-to-Phy Connection.

This is my connection. Settings same like in the Image.

Signals from ADIN --> LAN looks good for me:

What is a bit strange is the way back from LAN --> ADIN. 

It looks like CRS_DV is allways there:

I though this is a LAN8760 problem, but when i reset the ADIN and keep it reseted, the diagram looks like this/good:

Maybe there is another setting in the ADIN which is neccessary.

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