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ADIN1200 media converter RMII signal timing

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adin1200

Hey all,

i'm currently building a 10Base-Tx/10Base-T1S media converter with the ADIN1200 and the LAN8760 from Microchip.

I successfully created a Link from other devices to the Phy. Now i'm struggeling with the Phy-to-Phy Connection.

This is my connection. Settings same like in the Image.

Signals from ADIN --> LAN looks good for me:

What is a bit strange is the way back from LAN --> ADIN. 

It looks like CRS_DV is allways there:

I though this is a LAN8760 problem, but when i reset the ADIN and keep it reseted, the diagram looks like this/good:

Maybe there is another setting in the ADIN which is neccessary.

  • Hi,

    In 10BASE-T mode and with any of the MAC interfaces, the 10BASE-T receiver can remove several preamble bits, so the RX data would have <7 preamble bytes. This could cause problems for the remote end receiving the frame. To avoid any issues, enable the 10BASE-T RX preamble re-generation by setting the GE_B10_REGEN_PRE register (address 0xFF38) to 0x1.

    Could you try setting this bit and repeat the testing?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Mark,

    i have set the bit, but no difference.

    It is strange, that CRS_DV is also there, no matter if there are RX data or not.

    It only disappear when the ADIN is in reset state.

  • Hi,

    Could you please supply a register readback of the Registers 0xFF24 and 0xFF38 confirm that the settings are taking effect in the device? These registers are accessed by clause 45 instead of clause 22 as they are in the EMI Registers map.

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