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I have some issue. 

ECAT Port0 In is normally working,

but ECAT Port1 Out is not working.

 - the current state :

    LEDs of Link_act and Link is not working. and The LED of PC is blinking. 


the schematic is attached. 

Woud you help me? 


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  • Hi,

    After reviewing the schematic please see comments and questions below.

    MDIO - Has a weaker pull than recommended, recommended is 1K5 in the datasheet.
    MDI Pairs - PHY Is voltage mode PHY, not current mode, the NC components in this section of the schematic are not needed, the footprints could create stubs and effect signal integrity on the MDI lines.
    LINK_ST and LED_0 - Looking at the schematic the LINK_ST net on the PHY for P1, the net for driving the LED is call 'ECAT0.P1_LINKA_P3.5' down by the LINK_ST circuitry, but the net controlling the LED is called 'ECAT0.P1_LINKA_P3.4' out by the LED. So these nets are not connected.
    The LED_0 pin on both PHYs does not have a net name. Where is the control for Link_ACT LEDs coming from? and the 'LINKA_P3.4' LED control, where is the control for this coming from?

    Are you able to get a link up successfully with the PC on ports 0 and 1? You have mentioned the LED on the PC is blinking

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Mark,

    After connecting  ECAT0.P1_LINKA_P3.5 to ECAT0.P1_LINKA_P3.4, Port1 is normally working. 

    Thank you very much..



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