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ADIN1200_KEEP OUT soldering

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIN1200


ADIN1200 datasheet says as following about keepout zone

"The package also has two keepout areas to the top and bottom of the exposed pad. No PCB traces or vias can be used in these areas."

However , I mistakenly made pads that aren't connected anywhere and soldered Keepout zone to its pads.

Is there any problem with above situation  if we don't remove solder?

I think that its pads is not connecterd to any voltage and there is not problem.

If my understanding is wrong , please let me know your advoice.



  • Hi Teli,

    There should not be any VIAs or Traces in these keep out areas. The bus bars on the bottom of the ADIN1200 are connected to internal power rails and they should not be soldered down. Please see below comment from the ADIN1200 Rev.A Datasheet that can be found here .

    'There are also two bus bars on either side of the exposed pad. These bus bars are connected to internal voltage rails and must not be soldered to the board. The PCB land pattern must incorporate the exposed ground pad with vias and these two keepout areas around the bus bars in the footprint. No PCB traces or vias can be used in either of the keepout areas.'

    Best Regards,